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A note about myself… 

After spending a few good years at the University of North Texas I earned a bachelor’s degree in film and videography. Since then I’ve worked at CW33 as an Associate Producer, I’ve done newborn photography at Medical City in Dallas, and worked on many freelance and creative projects.

My path has led to photography. I am most content shooting in natural lighting, where the prints often turn out romantic and genuine, but I am equipped to take photos, or even video, practically anywhere. Over the years I have accumulated quite the collection of equipment, for more on that click on “Gear.”

I tend to look for ways to maximize the fun and chemistry and creativity in my life and the lives of others. Photography has allowed me to do this in such a meaningful way. But, additionally, I host a social group on Meetup.com, influencing people to come together, make friends, and/or fall in love. I also work with filmmakers to create short films, web series, and various other videography. To see more of that click on “Videography.”

The long and short of it is that I am a born creative leader who will never the lack the inspiration to make your photo session special.