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Here are some photos of the animation that we are designing for the 12 episode fitness series that we are editing right now. I am working with a visual effects person to design the special effects we are doing for the promo. I made a little step-by-step design to show an idea of what I want the special effects to look like when they’re done. Keep in mind; these are just quick, storyboard type illustrations to communicate the general idea of what the movement of the edited CGI will look like. This is just one process of Los Angeles Videography and editing.

On top of the special effects, we are using stock footage, shot footage and screen shots of the website, nutrition plans, grocery lists, recipes, etc. So this is a pretty in depth project. I will be editing this for the next few months. Los Angeles Videography is also very competitive. I have been focusing on this one project so I don’t have time to pick up too many more video projects until next year. However, photography I can knock out quicker and keep doing that at the same time. The way that I have an advantage in Los Angeles videography is that I have a lot of my own equipment, I have my own editing software, and I have portable storage drives to store everything. I have all of the documentation and legal forms. I also have a degree in radio, television and film so I have a well-rounded education in putting together a production from idea to distribution of the project.

As I mentioned in the last blog, building relationships is important. As a Los Angeles Videographer and editor, it is extremely important to network and nourish those relationships. The fitness coach developing this fitness program and I have a great relationship. I even participate in her fitness classes. It is also beneficial to do her programs because I know how to create and market her videos better because I have first hand knowledge about how she runs the programs and who she is targeting. I know what I am supporting by engaging in her programs. Also, she trusts my viewpoint more because of that.

This is kind of fun for you to see some of the chicken scratch that will eventually lead to full blown special effects. I hope this gives you a better idea about one of the processes that goes into creating video, especially professional Los Angeles quality video.

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