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Here are just a few photos from one of my friend’s engagement. She is so beautiful; both of them are gorgeous. It wasn’t a huge challenge making them look good, but the important thing was to capture their happiness. One of the hardest parts of Los Angeles Photography is making sure that your clients feel comfortable so as to look natural rather than staged. With Los Angeles Photography, there is so much pressure to constantly be performing, but being natural is the secret for photography. You can almost tell when someone is staged too much. It takes away the ability to suspend your disbelief. I wanted to make sure that they were comfortable expressing their love for each other in front of a camera in an authentic way. I tried to be almost invisible so that they could do their thing while I was in the background capturing the moment. It was actually pretty fun and such a beautiful experience. They even printed one on a canvas and had everyone sign it at the wedding.

AlexGift3 (1) AlexGiftBWKissing (1) AlexGiftRing2

They are so sweet and we have such a good rapport. Since she is in the Los Angeles entertainment industry and is building her media presence she uses my Los Angeles Photography services periodically and we always have so much fun! I like to build relationships with my clients. It’s just so much better to work with someone when you have a certain level of care and empathy for them.

You’ll see her again because I have another photoshoot taken here in Los Angeles that I did with her, which is really fun because it’s a personality shoot. You will have to check out that blog for more information about that particular Los Angeles Photography shoot.


AlexGift1 AlexGift2

In this shoot I wanted to accentuate the warm colors of the ocean, but still keep it a little under saturated because I wanted the tone to still feel light and not too heated. I cleaned up and smoothed their skin a little bit. I lessened some of the shadows to keep it a nice, even, balanced skin tone. I had to cheat a little bit too because it was actually a cloudier day, which took away some of the orange tones and we had more blue tones, but I brought out the orange tones more to make it look like it was a brighter, sunnier day than it was. I did that because I want her memories to be warm and soft. I don’t want her to think about that pointless little detail. Plus, I think they came out pretty good, so it all worked out.





She doesn’t know this yet, but I am actually framing some of these photos to hang at her new home as a wedding and house-warming gift. I can’t wait to see her face! Maybe in a future blog with another Los Angeles Photography photo shoot of her I will let you know how she reacts.

Doing Los Angeles Photography is more about building relationships than anything else. So I made the move out here to push forward and show Los Angeles a fresh, new, genuine feel to photography. I like to add a hint of romanticism, hence the name A Visual Affair.