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The young lady in these photographs is an aspiring actress, like so many of the talented individuals seeking professional photography in Los Angeles. Headshots, headshots, headshots. Actors are required to have professional headshots taken to give to their agencies, managers, etc. Headshot photography in Los Angeles can be a boring, straightforward event, but not with Krystal and me! We start with blank wall to butterfly catching – wait, what?! We got super creative and fun! We also made hipster look happier than ever!

Cool Glasses1 Confident Sexy Krystal ButterflyCatching1 Butterfly Catching2 Butterfly Action ShotOooh face Good Close Headshot Lenscrafter1 FunnyExpression1 Cool Glasses1Peace Out Pic Perfect Bubbles Pretty Flowers1 PrettyFace1 PrettyFlowers3 PrettySmile1 RadGlasses1 SeriousFace1 Sultry Krystal1

Krystal is such a fun, vibrant personality and it was more fun showing that rather than telling. She did her own make up, too. Impressive! She may have found another side gig; you know how it is in Los Angeles.

We wanted to keep the tone of the photos bright and bubbly. So yes, we actually used bubbles… And we had to do the whole photo shoot in the late afternoon to shine light on her contagious delight.

There is an intimacy when you are capturing a piece of each person, the part of themselves that they want to express to the world, the part of themselves that isn’t always showcased. As a Los Angeles photographer, I feel like my gentle, effeminate touch lets the client feel free and comfortable enough to expose their true self. That is what I love about being a headshot photographer. I love getting to see these talented, beautiful individuals shower the world with the beauty that so often escapes us. I can bring out their personality in a way that puts out positivity into the world. I can make them see themselves as the rare art they are.

After this shoot I felt the magnetic enthusiasm radiating offKrystal. Even when I was editing these photos I felt sucked in. I felt almost possessed while bringing out her beautiful qualities. I found myself thinking about it even when I was out doing other things. I started thinking about how I could bring that out of everyone. I suddenly wanted to photograph everyone and remind each person about how beautiful everyone really is in his or her own way. And I’m determined to find a way to do it.

A Visual Affair (AvA) Studios is more than a point and shoot. It’s an experiential, intimate enterprise. I want to help everyone find that unique part of him or her. As long as I’m apart of AvA Studios, I want to help actors make their headshots more than staged, stiff obligations. I want to make the experience something to look forward to, to create a little cove where it is safe to truly express yourself without judgment and fear, inspiring self-love, confidence and courage. I am so passionate about bringing out your best self; I hope that my passion is contagious. I want to change Los Angeles photography for the better!