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Newborn Session Prep

Please read this useful information before your newborn session:

  • Once I arrive at your home, I do not need a large space. I need a room with a good natural light source.
  • Newborn/lifestyle sessions take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours to complete
  • The extended time will allow for babies needs to be tended to.
  • Make sure that a few hours before your session you make your home a few degrees warmer, babies like warmth. It helps them fall asleep.
  • I may provide music because newborns are used to loud noises from the womb
  • The best way to ensure a happy baby is to keep your baby awake a few hours before I arrive then feed the baby right before the shoot. It works like a charm!
  • If you would like to incorporate some of your own props, outfits, hats and such, please have them ready when I get there.
  • Mommy needs to be in the room to keep her little bundle of joy feeling calm and secure.


Headshot/Modeling Prep

  • Make sure you schedule your shoot when your complexion is good. If you are breaking out I would suggest to reschedule.
  • Make sure that your make up is exactly how you want it. If it is done poorly it can dramatically affect how you are perceived.
  • You can have as many clothing changes as you can fit within the time period. Clothing can be much more complicated than you would originally think.
    1. Be careful for unflattering clothing that could make your arms, back, stomach or legs look pinched.
    2. Be careful for loose straps that don’t fit properly and keep falling down.
    3. Make sure lint, wrinkles, threads, etc. are removed before the shoot.


Boudoir Prep

  • Make sure before coming that your nails, skin, hair and toenails are in optimal condition. Painting your toenails is recommended.
  • Make sure to wear loose clothing a few hours leading up to the shoot so that you have no marks on your body.
  • Put together a few lingerie outfits and don’t forget accessories!
  • Make sure if you do any kind of spray tanning that it is even and the correct color.
  • If you opt for the make up artist, come with freshly cleaned skin and do not wear any make up.
  • Recommendations:
    1. Shave/wax 6 hours prior to photo session
    2. Exfoliate skin and avoid the sun
    3. Fix up your eyebrows, nails, and toenails