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  • Editing

I have been editing video for almost 10 years now. My fast turn over rate and great quality explain why I have so many repeat customers. I have edited corporate videos, commercials, acting reels and audition footage, website videos, news B-roll and packages, short films, trailers, etc. I like to make sure it is the style and pacing that fits your brand and story best. I am easy to work with and will make sure you are proud of your product.

  • Cinematography/Videography

Aesthetics are very important, especially today. Information is so easily available and attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter. I like to shoot videos that grab your attention quickly and communicate your message efficiently. Check out some of my work and I know that you will trust that I have your best interest at heart. You will have a great product for a reasonable price. I want to represent your brand in the best light that I can.

  • Writing/Creative Advertising

Being an “out-of-the box” thinker always makes for interesting content. I have written corporate videos, commercials, short films and the list goes on and on. I have always been the idea girl. Then you can focus on the more important tasks while I find an appealing way to share your product with the demographic that you are targeting. I can see the big picture and I am willing to work with you to make sure that your project is exactly the way that you want it.

  • Graphic/Logo Design

I am proficient in Photoshop and an artist. Check out some of the samples that I have created. I will make sure your logo looks professional and represents your brand properly.

Directing comes natural to me. I have won competitions such as SkillsUSA for producing and directing quality content. I  have experience with planning large events and I am able to see the big picture. To make your product stand out, I like to be Creative and an “out of the box” thinker. I am able to share a vision with others, collaborate with them, and delegate to them so that the project/event is able to stay on target and meet deadlines. I have a wide range of skills to rely on that helps get the job done. I will make sure your project is eye catching and effective.

  • Production Coordinating

Over the years I have produced long form and short form content. I have collected many producing templates so as to organize your project completely and make sure the prep work doesn’t fall on you. You need to be focused on your vision and I can take care of the logistics so you don’t have to get bogged down with the logistics. I am fast, reliable, and thorough. I will be behind the scenes making sure that your project flows smoothly and seamlessly without obstructing the production of your video.